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Fish on Friday

by cathy bilow on 04/08/11

The Importance of liquid Fish Hydrolysate in Building a Healthy Soil

Drammatic® Liquid Fish is a great food for microorganisms and a key ingredient

in all Accent Nature Lawn Care products.

In 2001, the BBC Laboratory studied soil microbe activity in organic red potatoes.

Test plots were treated with a solution of Drammatic® Fortified Liquid Fish 2-5-1,

compost tea and water.

At the end of the test period the plots treated with the Drammatic® Fish

demonstrated a 20 fold increase of aerobic bacteria over the control.

A healthy soil has ratio of at least 10:1 aerobic bacteria to anerobic bacteria. The

treated plot had a ratio of 14:1. The control plot was approximately 1:1.

Wait…there’s more!

Pseudomonads are important in nutrient cycling assisting with phosphorous

availability. The treated plot had a Pseudomonads population 21,000 percent higher than

the control.

The Dramm plot also had a more diverse microbial population. Soil with diverse

microbial populations will be more likely to cope with disturbances and stress than those

with low diversities.

Accent Nature products include Drammatic® Fish as the microbe

food source and Soil Life in place of compost tea as an inoculant of diverse


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